Visiting Mr. Darcy


I did not read Pride and Prejudice as a child.  If I had, there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that Mr. Darcy would have been one of my childhood crushes right up there with Gilbert Blythe.  Instead, I met Mr. Darcy after I was married--first in the Keira Knightley movie, then in the Colin Firth miniseries and then FINALLY I read the book...more than once, of course!  There are few people in this world that Mr. Benton is jealous of, but he will tell you straight up that the fictional Mr. Darcy is most definitely one of them. However, he really needn’t be.  In all the ways that matter, Mr. Darcy and Mr. Benton are one and the same, both introverts who quietly go about taking care of those they love without pomp or circumstance. The only difference between Mr. Benton and Mr. Darcy, besides Mr. Darcy’s vast wealth, is the one and only Pemberley, Mr. Darcy’s vast country estate in the novel.  Pemberley, at least in the Keira Knightley movie, was filmed at Chatsworth, a stately home in Derbyshire, England. Chatsworth has a long history and was even used to house Mary, Queen of Scots during her imprisonment, which is also fascinating to read about, and I highly recommend reading about Mary Queen of Scots if you are looking for an interesting read.

Leaving on a jet plane

Anywho, why are we talking about about Chatsworth and Mr. Darcy?  Because Mr. Benton I have decided to take a trip to London this summer!  We haven’t been since 2012 and last time we went, we did not visit Chatsworth because honestly it is quite a jaunt to get up to Chatsworth and there was just so much to see and do right around London.  I promised myself though if we ever went back that we would definitely visit and then I would be able to scratch off another item off the ol’ bucket list. Mr. Benton says people have it all wrong. He says most people want to wait until they retire to travel.  What sense does that make he says? By the time you are retirement age, your body is likely to be tired and worn out, plus you are most likely on a fixed income. He says the time to travel is when you are established but have plenty of working years left. This makes a lot of sense to me and quite frankly, even though I love to travel, I do see myself by a certain age tiring of it and leaving it for the young.   


Our itinerary

This is what I have planned out.  However, anyone who has ever traveled knows that it is subject to change.  Also note, that this is not a first time itinerary for London. If it was, it would most definitely have Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Tower of London and Westminster Abbey on the list.  

Arrive at hotel around lunch
Visit Victoria and Albert Museum
St. James park
Clarence House
Hop on Hop off bus tour of the city

Being that jet lag is a very real thing, I am keeping the first afternoon very open and flexible.  It is very important when traveling to not go to bed when you get there. You need to get on their schedule so that means pushing through and going to bed when the locals do!

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace
Walk through Green Park to get to Fortnum and Mason
St. Paul’s Cathedral
Tea in the Palm Court at The Ritz

I am a seventh day Sabbath keeper.  Therefore this day will be spent having a nice breakfast, relaxing, taking tea and possibly attending services in London


Bath (as in the world Unesco site, not actually taking a bath though I must admit I am quite a fan and who knows, I might actually bathe in Bath)

DAY 6  
Castle Howard just outside of York


Play around London
High Street
Covent Garden
Bond street

Journey home!

As you can see, it should be quite the adventure and I am really excited about it. This trip was kind of a spur of the moment decision… we don’t really like to book a trip like this too far out.  In fact, if we could get it together, we would prefer to book and leave the same week.

Be sure and hope over to the fashion section of the blog to see the wardrobe I am taking. At first I thought I would just take stuff I already own. But let’s face it, that is no fun!  I also want to mention that I really don’t want this to be a completely fluffy blog. Life is seldom about trips to London, new wardrobes and fabulous interiors.  Those things are nice and I have to be honest, Lady Benton loves all of that. But I also feel really strongly about being real, and the fact that what people choose to put online isn’t the whole story.  Somehow we have gotten the idea that in order for people to like us we have to craft a certain image. And while it’s true, no one really wants to hear about your saga and drama, I never want to give the idea that I live a perfect life.  It’s perfectly imperfect.

Until next time,

Lady Benton


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