Love Equals Service, Service Equals Love


This weekend at church, we had a visiting preacher.  This particular man travels the world, but especially focuses on Africa and the people there.  He visits my church about once and year and he always brings a slide show of his travels. Incidentally, he has an instagram account and I gotta say, I highly recommend following him--Joel Meeker.  

He is an excellent photographer and I find his account highly informative as well as entertaining.  Anyway, I love it when he comes, because it is impossible to hear him talk and not leave more thankful than when you entered.  He and his wife, Marjolaine, give up alot of personal comfort to serve these people.  I truly admire those people who say, "I want to be a missionary."   It can’t be easy to do what they do. Even to serve our local congregation, they got in on Friday evening and travelled 2 ½ hours on Saturday to visit us after trapising all through Europe for a month.  Believe you me, if I had been away from Covenant Farms for 4 weeks, the last thing I would have wanted to do is get in my car the day after arriving home and go serve somewhere else.


Why do I have a picture of my darling nephew? Well can you think of anything that exemplifies Love Equals Service better than a baby? A mother gives up all of her time practically to serve this little being who needs everything. She doesn't mind though because she loves it so.

I had an epiphany…

Which brings me to my point, thinking about how this man lays down his life serving so many.  I’ll be honest, it is chore for me to serve. As most of you know if you read my blog, I am a devoted Downton Abbey fan.  My idea of living the life is having a cook, a housekeeper and a lady’s maid, none of which, I have. I do have a “Jackson,” however, which is pretty close.  If you watch my instastories, you know Jackson does practically all of my laundry and he occasionally cooks. I ain’t gonna’ lie, it’s pretty great. But why is it great?  Sure the folded clothes and the fresh baked goodies are a perk, but more than that, this is how Jackson shows love for me. And while I would love Jackson simply because he is my son, I ardently adore him because he is so very good to his mama.

Service Equals Love!

 It dawned on me this weekend though that service is really nothing more than love. Let me say that again, SERVICE EQUALS LOVE! I mean we all know this in our head, but how many of us feel it in our heart? The epiphany I had went like something like this-- if service equals love, then when we serve, we are loving, and the more we serve, the more we become love, so the reason we are told to serve is because if we become love, then we become like God, because God is LOVE!  Whew!!!! I hope you got all that. So when Jesus said, “But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant, (Matt. 23:11),” He was telling us that we can’t become like Him without serving because SERVICE EQUALS LOVE! He was/is the greatest because He laid down his life for us. But we are called to do the same, not literally, typically, but in small ways each and every day. How do you feel when someone does something for you happily without you even having to ask?

Good Ol' Mr. Benton

My darling husband, does this every night when he fixes my hot tea.  How do you feel though when you ask something, especially if it’s a minor something and you can tell that person really isn’t interested in helping you? Not very loved is what I feel.  I want to add however, that you do have to allow a person to say "No" and know that it's not personal.  I know there are different love languages for every person, but you can’t get around it, if you think about the people you really, really admire in life, it’s those who you know you can count on.  Incidentally the 5 love languages book is very interesting.  It's by Gary Chapman and you can find it here:

When we serve, we love. And when we love, we become that much more like our Father and our Brother, because God is love (I John 4:8).

And with that, I’ll say goodbye!  As always thanks for stopping by!  I have some exciting things in the works!  I hope they pan out!


Until Next Time

Lady Benton


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