Dear East Coasters in the wake of Hurricane Florence,


This is not the post I had planned today.  NOT. AT. ALL. I had planned to tell you about this fabulous line of affordable luxury handbags I discovered in London.  But in the wake of the monster that is barreling towards the east coast right now, that monster named Florence, it just didn’t seem the thing to do.  Oh I know that life goes on and we have been through this kind of thing before. But that’s just it, I have been through this kind of thing before and I feel you.  And because I feel you I don’t want to post something that while fun, is trivial.


Sometimes there’s just not the perfect thing to say...

It’s a scary thing and while I haven’t personally had to do it myself,  though I have watched people I know go through it. I wish I knew what to say to make it easier.  I don’t. I can tell you this, I am praying for you. I am praying for your property and your sanity and that you have the strength to make it through whatever comes your way.  But most of all I pray for your spirit, that it comes through stronger and more resilient than before.

This has been a rather tough week.  September 11 is never an easy anniversary and now one year after Harvey, this.  My friend wrote a great blog about how to help after a storm and i have linked it.  

Life, Hope and Truth

And if you want answers, I refer you to my church’s website.  Hey, it’s my job and if I didn’t love ya’, I wouldn’t. But whether you do or you don’t, I still love you and am praying for you and hoping this all blows over.  Hopefully, this one won’t be as bad as they say and next week we can talk about handbags!


Until Next Time

Lady Benton


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