"Eat Cake Be Brave" Book Review


If all of us are honest with ourselves, if we got to be in charge of our life, if we got to write the script, we would write it so that there was nary a bump in the road, never a hill or  mountain to climb and always a Buc-ee’s just around the bend. If you happen to not be from Texas, and don’t know what a Buc-ee’s is, let’s just say it’s road trip heaven and every time you pass one, you have to stop. It’s like a law. Seriously.


However, if we are also honest with ourselves, we know that the people with the “perfect” lives are never the interesting ones. They are not the ones we cheer for, they are not the ones who inspire us, they are not the ones we want to see movies made about. Think about it, think of all the people, fiction or non-fiction you really look up to. I’ll tell you a few of mine--Anne of Green Gables, Molly Brown, Louis Zamperini, Desmond Doss, James Donovan, Joseph from the Bible, Esther, David, and off course Jesus. If you don’t know one of those names, look them up, read their story, they are all worth it. They all did things worthy of books and movies because their course was not easy. Their road was not paved. Of course there are more, but we don’t have all day. I do have a name to add to the list though, Melissa Radke.

Melissa who?

Oh trust me, you will know that name. I suspect she’ll one day be a big as the Pioneer Woman and Joanna Gaines. Melissa is a small town girl with big time talent and not because she has the voice of an angel and not because she has a gift with the pen but because she has a heart that has been fashioned by the Master Potter. When you start this book, you think it is going to be a light read and it is, there are parts where I laughed so hard my shoulders shook. But when you get to the heart of the book, this book is more than the story of a girl who found her way because she accepted herself. No it’s about a girl who found her way because she accepted God’s path for her life.

“Loss will do that to you. It will make you into this thing you had no intention of ever becoming. It will harden you, yet make you soft. It will deaden you, yet make you shockingly on edge. It tears down what you were and replaces it with something strange and foreign. I don’t care if the loss is your marriage or your job, your parent or your dreams. Whether loss comes in the form of your joy or your five babies---all named, all wished for all prayed for, all gone---it leaves in its wake a shell of the person you once were. You can rebuild from loss. Like a fire after the last log has burned to ash, you can rebuild, but you won’t look the same or walk the same. The fire might be better and brighter, even. But it will be different nonetheless,“ (page 229, Eat Cake Be Brave).

I dare say, Melissa is the woman she is today because of all she has been through and that is why she will be a household name. It’s a classic example of Romans 8:28, “God works out all things for good,” even when we can’t see it, especially when we can’t see it! It’s hard for me to put into words how much I love this book. I love it because it’s about an underdog who wins in the end, I love it because after being punched in the gut time and time again, she gets back up. And I love it because God in His tender mercy was with her the whole time. There’s a part where she orders a book from Amazon and when she receives it, well I can’t tell you!!!! But it just goes to show there are no accidents.

I have to admit, given a choice, I’d still choose an easy path if it were up to me. I am a wuss like that. But I am reminded that it says in Revelation 21:8 it says, “the cowardly and the unbelieving will not inherit the Kingdom of God.” I don’t want to be in that category. I want to choose to cast out fear. I want to know, and know that I know, that He is with me. I want to have faith that the path I have been given to walk has been carefully plotted to shape me into who I am to become, even if that path is hard. I want to Eat Cake and Be Brave.

Until next time,

Lady Benton

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This is not an affiliate link.


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