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Today we are going to be talking about window shutters.  I absolutely love custom window shutters and I have plantation shutters on the inside of my home that we had installed when we built.  Last year, we bit the bullet and ordered custom cedar shutters for the outside of the house.  They made such huge difference let me tell you. Exterior shutters, when done right, add so much pizazz to whatever you are putting them on. Now there are rules for shutters and this article from Southern Living covers them here:  but come back because you are going to want to hear what I have to say.  

Say What? Shutters that don't need painting? 

My purpose today is to give you a low cost way to get a great looking exterior shutter that doesn’t need painting.  Say WHAT? You read that right. Now last year when we ordered shutters for the house, they ran about $800 a set. That gets into a lot of money in a hurry.  We have a barn that we designed to look like a miniature Kentucky horse stable, so it has quite a few windows as well. When we built it, we just put those cheap ol’ vinyl shutters on it that you get from Lowe’s for about $70 a set.  They were not architecturally correct and we knew that but we knew that one day we would replace them with something better. Well after 9 plus years, they were literally falling apart. We thought about just ordering custom shutters like we did for the house, but we really didn’t want to spend that kind of money on the barn and they really weren’t ideal because they would be in the way of the sliding barn doors on the front.  We originally talked about getting some of that deck material that doesn’t rot and build a board and batten style shutter like Addicted to Decorating did here:

These looked great, but they weren’t really the style we wanted and also we really didn’t want to have to paint them.  They make the pvc boards in different colors but not Covenant Farms green. Plus, we would still have the issue of the sliding barn doors beause they would have to sit on top of the metal siding.  

Make your own "shutter kits"

That’s when Mr. Benton came up with a brilliant plan.  It was so simple, we wondered why we hadn’t thought of it before.  What we did was basically order our “shutter kits" from the metal company.  He told them the measurements to make the pieces and what shapes he needed configured.   We had all of the pieces "hemmed" meaning, they fold under the edges for strength and it also gives definition. The part we used for the main frame, is called J trim or door trim.   You will also need the rivets that they sell that match the trim color you choose.   Once he had all of the pieces he then assembled them in place and they truly do look like custom shutters.  Best of all they sit down into the metal siding so the sliding barn doors slide right over them! He used a Dremel to cut out the areas that "sit" down into the metal.   Probably the best way I can explain this is with pictures.  If you have any questions, please ask!


Cost for all 6 of these?  About $500 for the materials to do 6 windows, and my husband spent probably about 20 hours doing them.  It’s hard to quantify because it was here and there over several weeks.



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