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Last month I told you about a new handbag line I discovered while in London.  I am happy to report since that story, Duchess Catherine has been spotted carrying one of those bags!  I am a fan of everything she picks, including Prince William. However, William didn’t turn out to be the dish we all thought he would be now did he?  I mean he’s ok, but I would have never have thought when they were teenagers that I would find Harry the man, much more attractive than William.

Even Coach has an “Aspinalesque” bag

I am also happy to report, that apparently that style bag is apparently all the rage.  Even Coach has one.

Isn’t it gorgeous? And right now $100 off.

Isn’t it gorgeous? And right now $100 off.

I have since discovered another bag that I have never heard of before but that I am quite impressed with.  I was perusing my favorite website, TJ Maxx, when I discovered it. While italy is known for italian leather, and Italian handbags are prized, I had never heard of this brand, but it looked like it had potential.  If you watch my insta stories, you already know that when I did a little research, I discovered that Barney’s carries the line, at least the men’s version. I thought, “Well that’s got to be a good sign.” So I took a gamble and ordered it.  Well, actually that is not true as I have a TJ Maxx in my town and they are great about returns.

It smelled like a Ft. Worth boot store

I think I literally gasped, when I opened it.  What is it? It’s by an Italian company named, Boldrini Selleria.  The leather is beautiful and when I opened the box it smelled like a boot store in the Ft. Worth Stockyards.  Honestly, It’s been a while since I have seen the beautiful Ricki bag, by Ralph Lauren, but the quality is I would say is almost on par with it.  I say almost, because I believe the Ricky bag, retails for $2700-$3500. It’s really not fair to compare the two, but I am just trying to say it is a really nice bag.  Now, you want to hear what I paid for it? Are you ready? $259!! I know right? Even the dust bag that comes with these things is nicer than average.

There are several styles to choose from.   Ugh….. the bag I bought is already sold out. They have three more and I will be on the look out for this brand from now on, so I will keep you posted.

And now, let me introduce you to Boldrini Selleria.

tjxboldrini tote.jpg
tjxboldrini tote 2.jpg
This one may be considered a bit fashion forward, and is priced a bit higher at $369.99

This one may be considered a bit fashion forward, and is priced a bit higher at $369.99

If you would like to check out Boldrini Selleria’s website you can do that here:

Check it out, you’ll be glad you did. Their website really showcases the quality. Also one more thing to note, I know there is nothing like the excitement of going to the department store and picking out a new handbag. Ordering online is just not quite the same. So do yourself a favor, when you open it, envision how you’d feel if you saw that bag sitting on a shelf or in a glass case all by itself, with the spot lights overhead shining down on it. Then pat yourself on the back, for getting a great bag at an even greater price! Your welcome!

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