Aspinal of London: “Affordable” Luxury Handbags


One thing that is on my list of things to one day own, is a genuine alligator/crocodile handbag.  I have a couple of pairs of Lucchese alligator boots but not a handbag and I think they are just so chic. When we were in London, I spotted one in Selfridge’s and I am not kidding when I say, I literally gasped out loud!  It was the most beautiful shade of turquoise and it was also Louis Vuitton. They had it on its own special shelf sitting all by its lonesome.

I knew better than to ask how much...

I would have asked how much it was except I made that mistake with a ruby red Louis Vuitton crocodile bag in the LV store the last time we visited Paris.  Back then and this was 6 years ago, mind you, before regular people started carrying designer bags, it was 20,000 Euros. Given inflation, I knew this little turquoise number had to be up there. I mean c’mon, affordable luxury handbags is kind of a oxymoron of a statement, isn’t it?

I was right as I checked on it when I got home. It was a wise move on my part, not asking how much, as it retails for $38,000.  It wasn’t even a Hermes Birkin! Remember when Martha Stewart carried her $6000 Birkin out of the courtroom years ago and the news media had a fit? I bet you couldn’t touch that bag for $6000 now. If I drop that kind of loot on an item that is not a house or a car, it is going to be a rock of the very sparkly variety. That said if I were worth millions and millions, I would have bought it in a heartbeat, the wallet too.  Below, is one pictured that was like it, except the it was more vividly turquoise in person.  

The color here does not do it justice or maybe this one is a different color than I saw. I am not kidding when I say it stopped me in my tracks!!!

The color here does not do it justice or maybe this one is a different color than I saw. I am not kidding when I say it stopped me in my tracks!!!

But if you don't have $38,000...

I hope you aren't too disappointed there isn't a shop now button for the LV bag.  Stupid website wouldn't let me link. If you can afford that bag, you probably are not on my website.  With the exception of one person and you know who you are LK!  

There are great quality alligator/crocodile bags at a much cheaper price point.  Nancy Gonzalez makes some great looking bags for around $3-5000. Which incidentally is more than the last time I looked.  I need to tell Mr. Benton that we need to hurry up and buy one. I am joking of course, but seriously, I wish I had bought a dozen Chanel bags 15 years ago when they retailed for $1500.  I could sell them right now for $3-3500. That’s not a bad return on investment!

Meet Aspinal of London:

Affordable Luxury Handbags

Anywho if that’s still too rich for your blood, I discovered this new company when I was in London that I had never heard of, called Aspinal of London.  They are not alligator or crocodile, but they are a really good printed calfskin. I am telling you my eye caught these at a distance and I had to go check them out.  

They look like the real deal and the only way you would know the difference is if you had the $38,000 bag and one of these side by side. That may be a bit of stretch but ya'll they are really beautiful and nothing to sneeze at. And while still more expensive than say Kate Spade, Coach or Michael Kors, they are good fit for anyone wanting something a bit different. I once had a Michael Kors satchel, and I can tell you right now, I wasn’t all that impressed with the quality or the way it wore on the edges.

But I digress… I intended to buy an Aspinal of London but the store I was at didn’t have a large bag and I need a large bag to balance me out...if you get my drift, wink, wink.  (They have a game changing feature on their website that allows you to see what the bag you are looking at looks like compared to your actual size!! Seriously!!! See I am not the only one that thinks about proportion when it comes to handbag size.)

I was going to check another store, but just never got the chance, you know how it is when you are traveling. They come in all kinds of fun colors, and styles such as crossbody, tote or satchel, so if you are looking for great fall bag these would be a great choice. They are pricey but not $38,000 pricey.

Aren’t the colors gorgeous? Trust me, they are even more beautiful in person. And while I fully acknowledge even this bag is aspirational, and normal people don’t drop $800 to $1000 on a bag—dreams are fun. One day soon, I’ll have to do a Pretty Purses for Cheap post because one thing I am not, is a handbag snob. Y’all have a blessed day!

Until Next Time,

Lady Benton


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