My Wardrobe for London - Part Two


You may have wondered last time I posted about my new travel wardrobe, if I had bought any pants. Well of course I did! I am going to take a pair of white ankle skinnies from Old Navy and a pair of white Pixie ankle pants also from Old Navy, that I already own but I did purchase a couple of new pairs as well. Another online resource I buy a lot from is TJ Maxx. I have long been a fan of the store, but truthfully, in my area, so many people hit it that it has gotten harder to find stuff than it used to be.

That one time...

I still remember the time when Mr. Benton and I were courting and he wanted to buy me a new dress for church. This was a blissful time in life when neither one of us had any responsibilities really and he was perfectly content to blow his whole check on me. I can’t complain, he really hasn’t changed but let’s face it life has a way of changing all that. Even in my younger years I was far more practical than one might imagine. We went to Dillard’s, which was my go to store. There on the mannequin was a navy suit with a white collar. Very classic, very Princess Diana. I absolutely loved it and he begged me to get it. But it was regular price and I just couldn’t go there. At that time, I never bought anything full price. I still try not to but the older I have gotten and because I am not a size 4 any longer, I find that if you wait for the really great sales, you do without. So we left the store with nothing and he was so disappointed. I told him to take me to Marshalls next. Now at this time, Mr. Benton was not as smart as he is now and the look on his was one of horror. You’d have thought I’d have said, “Take me to Goodwill.” Mr. Benton is not a snob but you have to understand, he was trying to do something nice for me, and in his mind unless he spent half his paycheck, he just wasn’t going to be happy. He changed his tune however, when we walked into Marshalls and there on the rack was the exact same suit for less than half the price. If he hadn’t already proposed, he would have dropped to his knee right then and there I do believe.

Back to my London wardrobe

The following are the rest of the pieces I have purchased.

Normally, I am a satchel girl and not a crossbody girl. But a friend of mine told me years ago, before I took my first major trip, that a crossbody is a must! She was so right. Thanks Emily!

Erin Benton - bluebag.jpeg

This blue was just irresistible and the leather is a dream. I had no idea when I ordered it, that Anthropologie carries this brand, so this is actually a good deal on this little bag.

Erin Benton - whiteeyelet.jpeg

I am so sad! As of this writing, this is almost sold out. It is super cute and flattering. I cannot resist a good white summer top.

Erin Benton - flowerypants.jpeg

I love me some flowery pants!

Erin Benton - Walmartgingham.jpeg

This top is from Walmart. I bought it to go under the red linen top I showed last time. It layers well. I’d love to have an turquoise monogram added to the center.


I don’t order much from Talbots. Frankly, most of the time, I think they are too high and just a little bit too “old lady” looking for me.

Erin Benton - greenjeans.jpeg

But I wanted some green and pink jeans and they had the
right shades.

Erin Benton - pinkjeans.jpeg

There are several pink shades. I bought Tropical Punch. I couldn’t be happier with them. They are very vibrant hot pink!

And last but not least, I am taking this dress from Boston Proper. I didn’t buy this for the trip.... I have been wearing this on repeat all summer.

Erin Benton - hydrangeadress.jpeg

I get loads of compliments on it and it is a very flattering, feminine dress! And it’s even on sale!!

I hope you will join me on Instagram to see how I style and wear these pieces around London and Britain!

Until next time,

Lady Benton


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