My Wardrobe for London - Part One


All of my clothes that I have ordered for the trip arrived either last week or the week before and I just gotta say, I am absolutely dying to wear them!!! This is a dilemma every time I travel… I want the clothes to be new when I wear them on the trip, but somehow, in the weeks leading up to the trip, I feel like I have nothing to wear and hate everything in my closet. But if I wear them, I will want to go shopping again and because they will no longer be new. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. TELL ME I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE! I did cheat and wear one of the shirts on a date night last week.

However, as us ladies over 40 know, it’s not always easy to find cute clothes that work for our body type. In fact, it’s insanely hard. Why the designers ignore such a large part of a prosperous market, I can’t figure out. And then because we know ourselves and tend to buy less because we refuse to settle, they over charge us because they know we won’t buy as many pieces. I am looking at you Eileen Fisher and Ming Wang. It’s ridiculous. And is it to much to ask for a freaking sleeve?

I do somehow always manage though and today I am going to share the cute things I found for the London trip. I can’t believe it but I did not have to return one piece that I ordered and that almost never happens. I ordered quite a bit, so for that reason, I may break this into two posts.

I used to be a Dillards girl through and through. But since they have changed their return policy on clearance items, I have had to change my game plan. This is not a bad thing, as I have discovered other retailers that I previously didn’t shop much at.

The first one is Neiman Marcus Last Call. Now don’t be fooled, not everything on the website is a leftover from the store itself. In fact, while some of it is one of a kinds from the store, I do suspect that the Last Call website and store is largely set up to attract a different customer. A lot of the brands they carry are the same brands that your local boutiques would carry.

These are the pieces I ordered and I love each and every one of them. Another thing, this website regularly does an extra 30-50 percent off, so be sure and look for a sale.


Erin Benton - ginghamruffle.jpg

This top is so flattering and as of writing this it is low in stock.
I ordered a large. It is somewhat
snug in the shoulder area but as long as I don’t play basketball, it will be fine.

Erin Benton - ginghambow.jpeg

Next up, is this tie front gingham top. Lady Benton loves gingham!

Erin Benton - navylinen.jpeg

This tie front top in navy and red. This is long enough in back to cover the bum and tie helps disguise my pooh bear belly.

Erin Benton - redlinen.jpeg

I love it!
And being that it’s linen, its super cool!


Let’s talk about this! I knew when I ordered this, it was going to a disaster or a home run!!! I am happy to report, it’s the later! I love this top! So dramatic! And do I have to tell you Lady Benton loves dramatic? this top. So dramatic!

Erin Benton - blacktailfront.jpeg

Let’s talk about this! I knew when I ordered this, it was going to a disaster or a home run!!! I am happy to report, it’s the later! I love this top! So dramatic! And do I have to tell you Lady Benton loves dramatic?

Erin Benton - whitesquarefront.jpg

Again, who doesn’t love a great white top. This is open on the side with ties, otherwise I’d wear it with just a nude bra. As it is, I will wear a white or nude tank under it. I’d love to add a
monogram in the front center.

Erin Benton - redtail.jpg

Another dramatic top... this one from English Factory!

That’s it for the Neiman Marcus Last Call order! Feel free to ask me any questions.

Erin Benton - katespadewhite.jpg

Also, I thought i’d throw in this freebie. A lot of these stores use the same manufacturers and slap a different label on it.I found this Kate Spade top for $139.50 on sale! But Belk or has a near identical top.

Erin Benton - Belk.jpeg

It doesn’t come in white at Belk but it does come in yellow, coral, navy, or navy and get this its $15.59---$32.75
as of this writing, and I actually like the pom poms better than the tassels on the Kate Spade. I have this top in the yellow and the navy and I literally get stopped several times every time I wear it!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Lady Benton


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