Becoming Lady Benton


Getting to Know Me {Part 1}

Hi! I am so glad you are here! When I decided to create this blog, I told my darling boys, whom you will meet in this series, “What if I write a blog and no one ever reads it? It’s like being at a junior high dance and not getting asked to dance all night!” Not that I would know, hmmhmmm. My son, so wise beyond his 16 years said, “Mother I would rather you try and fail, than to not try and never know.” Wow!!!

That one sentence was the best gift he ever gave me. In fact, he went a step further and said, “Let me invest in you.” That my friends, was everything, it meant he believed in me even if I had doubts, and it meant he wouldn’t think any less of me if I did fail. But of course I told him “keep your money.” He gave me permission to go for it, and I can tell you that it has not been easy and there have been obstacles and bumps along the way... but that is a story for another day.

Now we must get back to Superman.

First, allow me to introduce you.


Yeah I know, I am kind of proud of him. In addition to being easy on the eyes, he genuinely is the nicest, most humble person I have ever known. Christian, husband, father, business owner, volunteer firefighter, I mean I couldn’t have found a better guy. At 6’6”, 250 pounds, he definitely commands attention as he walks in a room. As long as I have known him, people constantly tell him “you remind me of someone famous.” All of my son’s friends, call him Ken, as in Ken and Barbie...except they don’t call me Barbie. But that’s alright, I don’t mind...much.

It was a cashier at Lowe’s that christened him Superman. You know the kind, pleasantly plump, refers to everyone as “Honey Child,” and one you just know can sing “Hallelujah” at church with such a fervor that brings it down the house. Had it been anyone else, I might have had to have gone down there and opened a can of whoop ass on the lady shouting “There’s my Superman” loud enough for the whole front of the store to hear. But since I know there is only one Lady Benton, she can call him Superman all she wants, to me, he’s my Mr. Benton.

What in the world is a “Taco Bracelet?

Well I’ll tell you. I am a name brand girl. If you stick a fancy logo on something and high price tag then I’ll probably like it. If I could afford it, it’d be nothing but Chanel and Dior for me, though I’d have to have it custom made because they don’t make it in my size. (Again, a topic for another time.)

Anyhoo, a few years ago, I had a birthday coming up. Now ladies, I learned along time ago if you want your man to get you something you love or anything at all for that matter, you have to make it clear, in fact you have to make it so clear that you just tell him what you want. Romantic? Not exactly. Effective -- much. Hey do you want to be happy or mad? I have long kept Mr. Benton a list; it’s not a literal list but you better believe I drop some not so subtle hints throughout the year and if he’s smart, he’s taking notes. So this particular year I had my heart set on a Tiffany and Company bracelet. A girl at church had one, and since we are not supposed to covet, I thought I better get my own. Well at the time they said “T&Co.” He said, “I’ll get you one, but I just cannot for the life of me understand why you want a “Taco” bracelet. Of course, I died laughing. That’s my redneck.

Well fast forward to my birthday and a package arrived. Let me tell you the excitement is real when you open a package and inside there is a Tiffany Blue box!!! But the sweetest thing ever, was not the bracelet but the note attached. In fact, I loved it so much, I not only kept it, but framed it. And the memory is one of my most treasured, not because I got something I wanted, but because he gave something even better, something I did not expect, the name Lady Benton, and I have been Lady Benton ever since.


In this blog, I want to explore all the things that make me Lady Benton, my love for interior design, my love for fashion and clothes, my family and those that inspire me. It may be someone famous, but more likely it will be the unsung hero, the lady or man next door who makes the world a better place just because they care enough to give a hoot.

Until Next Time,

Lady Benton


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